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Dr. Subhash P. Kadam


Phacosurgeon and Oculoplastic Surgeon


Dr. Sunita S. Kadam


(Contact-Lens Specialist)


Dr. Ranjit S. Kadam

FRCS(Ed., U.K.), DNB(Opth.),DO

Phacosurgeon and Glaucoma Specialist

Specialist in LASIK


Dr. Manisha R. Kadam


Feliow of L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

Phacosurgeon & Cornea Specialist

Specialist in LASIK





Ocularist Centre





It is an artificial eye in the disfigured non - seeing eye :


  • A fake eye also called "OCULAR PROSTHESIS" and can be worn full time.
  • Custom made to patients other eye, which results in symmetry, maximized movement and exact colour match.
  • With the help of Advanced Techniques, we can match contours and folds of the eye lids, amount of movement and colour of the natural eye.


Patients that require prosthetic shell are :


EVISCERATION or removal of the contents of eyeball following any of the undermentioned reasons like :


  • Accident or Injury - Infection
  • Retinal Detachment Due to "TRAUMA"
  • End Stage Glaucoma with no vision but a Painful Eye, By Birth


ENUCLEATED EYE is where whole eye ball is removed with the white layer ( Sclera ) :


  • Blind Painful Eye
  • EyeBall Cancers, Tumors
  • Ruptured Globe or Penetrating Eye Injury
  • Infections Panophthalmitis


IN CHILDREN - Eye Loss Due TO :


  • Congenital ( By Birth ) ABSENT Eye ( Anophthalmia )
  • Congenital Small EyeBall
  • Tumors Of EyeBall Retina
  • Incompletely Formed or Nonfunctioning Shrunken EyeBall
  • Trauma in Early Age



Stock Eye :


  • Poor Matching
  • Less or no Movt
  • Discharge & Watering very often
  • Restricted Wearing
  • Often Lower Lid Sagging
  • No Modifications Possible


Customised Shell :


  • Almost Exact Matching
  • Good Movement
  • Virtually No Discharge & Watering
  • Long wearing period at times days together
  • Weight is distributed hence no sagging at all
  • No inverted lower fornix
  • No Contracted Socket
  • Modifications Possible


  • Before


  • After


  • Before


  • After


  • Before


  • After


  • Before


  • After




Hence a custom eye makes the person forget his deformity and improves his self confidence and his acceptance in the society.


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